Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jefferson Turns 2!

I can't believe I'm writing this post. My baby boy Jeffers is turning into a real big boy! He turned 2 on February 1st. :)

We celebrated on the 1st at Red Robin. My brother gave us a gift card to Red Robin for Christmas so it was just perfect for a family night out. We love Red Robin for family dinners out. Everyone else that's there also has a screaming kid! Jefferson loved going out for dinner. He earned a ball with Daddy, ate lots of fries, and enjoyed some free birthday ice cream.

My friend Bethany told me about an amazing sale after Christmas at Rite Aid. All toys were 75% off! We were able to purchase a small expensive train table/set, brick blocks, and a car for under 30 dollars. I mean seriously, I was amazed at how God provided all those little gifts for our sweet boy! I really wanted to get him a train table, but I was concerned about the size being too big, and just how expensive it would be. We are so blessed.

I also made Jefferson a baseball cake. He's very into balls. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of him eating his cake. We taped it instead :). But he absolutely LOVED it. I'm so thankful.

Jefferson is such a joy to raise. He's a typical 2 year old boy that gets into a ton of mischief. But he loves life, adores his sister, and enjoys being my little chef helper. He is a great little brother for Jewell too. I don't know what he'd do without her. I am so blessed to have been given the privilege of raising him for 2 years. We are so blessed.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jefferson! That cake is awesome!