Friday, September 28, 2012

Jefferson's Tubes

What a morning we had today! Well I guess it all started this week really. Jefferson just didn't enjoy it at all. I could tell he had an ear infection on Tuesday because he was barely eating. Then he was having some major digestive issues all week. All we did yesterday afternoon was clean his poor little bottom, and rock him while he cried over and over again. Then this morning I had to wake him up an hour and a half early so he could get his tubes put in. All in all, it's not been an enjoyable week for him. 

The tubes surgery went very well today. He had a rough time in recovery though. Jewell would always cry and then be fine once we got in the car. But Jefferson, well, he did not stop crying!!! It took him almost an hour after we got home for him to calm down. I actually gave him a bottle just to soothe him. It was so sad. He did enjoy his time before the surgery though. He loved the nurses, and everyone was shocked he went back to the surgery so well. However, I'm pretty sure he might not trust me again! 

By the way, Jefferson DID have an ear infection. She said the left ear was infected, but the right ear looked good. I'm really glad he got tubes today because he hasn't even hit flu and cold season yet and he already had another ear infection. Here's to hoping we will be ear infection free this winter :).

Oh, and he's jumping on the couch now! I guess he's feeling better. 

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