Monday, September 10, 2012

Baking With Toddlers

Today we made cookies for our fun afternoon activity. I felt bad for taking so long cleaning the bathrooms this morning. So I decided to make sure I really do something fun with the kids after naps. Let's just say, I learned a few things about baking cookies with 2 toddlers.

1. Always take out all of the ingredients before attempting to bake a new recipe with creative toddlers. Always. Or else....your cookie baking materials will be scattered about in a very "unorganized" way.

2. Taking turns dumping the ingredients into the mixing bowl is a great idea in theory. However, one must be willing to accept that the other child who doesn't have a turn that time will be helping assist in the dumping of the ingredients. That is after they shout, "I can do it by myself."

3. All utensils WILL be thrown to the floor at least once throughout the cookie baking process.

4. When baking with creative toddlers, amounts well...there really aren't exact amounts with them...

5. Never leave toddlers in front of the flour mixture alone. Never. Or else, handfuls of the flour mixture will be all over the floor, all over the counter, and all over the cabinets.

6. NEVER and I mean NEVER turn your back when the toddlers are standing in front of the Kitchen Aid mixer while it's beating something. Or else, the very creative toddlers will put utensils into the mixing bowl while it's still mixing, causing screaming from overwhelmed and flour covered mother.

7. Taking pictures of creative toddlers helping the overwhelmed mother bake cookies is just well, dumb.

 8. This is the biggest one my friends. NEVER EVER EVER EVER sweep AND mop before making cookies. Yes, I did this. Guess what gets to get done again tonight...

I had a blast making cookies with my creative toddlers! But I will definitely be keeping these things in mind for the next attempt :).

Here are a few pictures. And yes, I know Jewell is only wearing panties... if you wonder why? Just read the list again and give a wild guess as to why I didn't care :).

This boy doesn't do anything without a ball.

They were very excited to be in front of the mixer now!

Seriously amused by the mixing.

Licking the beater!!!!

Mommy! They're growing!!!! 


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