Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ENT (Tubes) & Finger Paints

Wow! We had an event filled day. This morning was a bit emotional for both kids for some reason. Once we passed that, we had to clean the upstairs (the kids rooms) and vacuum the house. Vacuuming is always interesting in our house. I never really know how the kids will react to it that day :). We also washed all the sheets and towels, and put them back on our beds and in the bathrooms. We then headed out to Jefferson's ENT appointment. 

I had already taken Jefferson to the ENT once to get a pressure test. That was for the doctor to see if he really needed an appointment. Let's just say, I've never had an ENT get us in so quickly. And I've been to a TON of ENT appointment for my kids. The doctor came in and said he had tons of fluid in his ears. This did not surprise me at all. 1) His pressure test was supposed to show a bell curve, it was a flat line. Not even Jewell's did that (and she had 10 ear infections in a year). 2) Jefferson has an ear infection or fluid in his ears every single time he goes in for a well check. Actually, I don't think I've taken him to the doctor yet without hearing the phrase, "He has a ton fluid in his ears". I'm mainly concerned about the fluid because I can tell he can't hear himself well or me very well. 3) I don't want to end up in the doctor's office during flu season with a newborn, or being 8 or 9 months pregnant all because Jefferson has yet another infection. I had considered taking him to a chiropractor. And had it been more affordable, I probably would have tried it. But I have amazing insurance for my kids now so I'd like to go with tubes. Especially because I can tell it's hurting his speech. I also have hearing loss due to all of my ear infections, so I really want to make sure he gets this fixed ASAP. Jefferson will probably get his tubes by the first week of October. Praise the Lord!!!

I always try to spend a good portion of my afternoon with the kids doing something fun with them. Especially Monday's and Tuesday's because it takes me quite a bit of time in the mornings those days to do some regular housekeeping. So today we finger painted, did some letter work with Jewell, practiced using scissors with Jewell, and played with the hour hand of the clock. Jefferson "colored" while we did the preschool work (and cried...), but he did get to finger paint. 

"This looks yummy...."

"Oh no...that's sort of gross..."

"Okay, it tastes more nasty than it looks..."

Jewell did great with touching the paint, but then all of a sudden she realized her fingers were covered! She then freaked out and sort of panicked. No worries, she did wonderfully well with the sensory practice.

Just a little disclaimer here... I really don't have a big craft time each day. It just depends on the day. But I do really try to on Monday and Tuesday if possible since they play for so long by themselves in the mornings on those days. I also don't necessarily do "preschool" with Jewell for so long. I've tried to not push it since she's JUST turning 3 here this week. If she's super interested, then we keep going. But she's 3...she sort of has a "short" attention span :). 

I really did enjoy my kids today. The day definitely had it's ups and downs, but it was good overall. We finished the day with a family bike ride and a bath :). I'm sure the kids will sleep well! 

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