Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little Update

Guess what! We got a computer just for me :). My husband earned a little bonus this last month so he decided it was time to buy a laptop for our home. Let's just say, I'm beyond thrilled. Now I can actually relax while I blog! Often times I can't even use the Mac anyways because well, it's being used for much more practical things, such as encoding etc. So hopefully you will be seeing me post more often. Yay!!! Oh, and the kids were really excited about the new computer...okay, maybe the box was more fun!

This post is just a brief update on this last week. I will have more pictures of the trips later :). I'm afraid all of the pictures today are from my phone. 

Today I went to the doctor for my 21 week check up. I am currently measuring at 22 cm. I have gained 9 lbs so far, and I'm pretty pleased with that. My weight gain goal is 18 lbs this pregnancy. We'll see if that happens! My doctor warned me that I'm going to start feeling much more uncomfortable here soon since this is my 3rd baby. When I told him of a few things that were already bothering me he said, "I'm glad I'm a boy." Nice :) I'm so grateful that I found the right doctor for me though. I have complete peace after every visit. 

21 weeks. Sorry about the messy bathroom, it's my laundry scrubbing room.

This past week my parents were here visiting. We took them to Crater Lake, the Redwoods, and Brookings (the coast). Here are just a few pictures from my phone from their visit. Sorry, they are mainly the kids again...

Jefferson was in heaven with all the rocks at the coast.
Daddy and Jeffers admiring the waves. Either that or they were throwing more rocks into the ocean.

This was when we turned to leave Crater Lake. I had to take this picture just because I'm always amazed when I see the mountains go on for what seems like forever. It reminds me how great of a God we have.

Mom did Jewell's hair :)
We had fun with my parents while they were here. I will definitely have many more pictures and much better ones on here soon.

And now for the last picture. This is for my mother in law. I bought this adorable turkey hat for her because she um, well, just loves funny hats! However, I realized it fit Jefferson. Oops! 

What a cute turkey!
We've been busy here in Southern Oregon. Hopefully I will catch up on the blog soon. The kids are doing well, they adjusted to sharing a room while my parents were here so well. I'm no longer nervous about putting them together once baby #3 arrives :). And Jewell now tells me she wants to be with me and the baby when she sits next to me to read. How fun!

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