Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Painting...Fail

On Friday I had this idea that we should do some type of pretty fall activity with paint. My kids are obsessed with painting. So I looked up some things I had saved on Pinterest and decided we were going to finger paint a tree. The idea was to press your hand and arm down once with brown paint, let it dry, and then use your finger prints for the leaves. First of all, I should explain that I am not a creative artsy person, at all. It's just not me. I try, but really, I'm not the crafty type. I definitely learned that asking a 3 year old and 1 year old to try and do an organized looking activity with paint was just um, dumb. We never actually got the tree on paper, but the kids certainly had a ton of fun! Especially when I turned around once and noticed that my sweet children put the paint all over their heads :). I'm so thankful for bath tubs! The kids had fun, that's all that matters. They have the rest of their lives to do organized activities. :) For now, we'll just do what works for us!

I gave up on his tree right away!

Yep, I turned my head for 1 minute... :)

Mom, I'm painting the back of my head!!!

So much for my fun fall tree! :)

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