Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sprinkler Time

This last week has been gorgeous here in Southern Oregon. It's so pretty and it's barely raining. It makes me nervous though that this summer will have rain. Usually, we don't get any rain in the summer. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a drought. 

We had a blast together playing in the sprinkler. Jewell absolutely loved it. Jefferson really wasn't a fan. I'm sure he'll like it by the end of the summer. I bought these suits last year for 1 dollar. I'm so glad they fit! By the way, you can see Jefferson's little hernia in these pictures. The doctors said they won't do anything until he's at least 2 if it doesn't heal itself. Enjoy the pictures.

Introducing the sprinkler

Jewell is excited. Jefferson...not so much.

Looking cute, even though he refuses to go in. You can also see his umbilical hernia really well here. 

Still not too sure about this.

Jewell begging Jeffers to come in.

Loving the sprinkler

Jewell trying to help Jeffers get close to it.

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