Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday: Sensory Day

I have officially named Wednesday's "Sensory Day" in our house. Jewell either has PT or OT coming to our house first thing each Wednesday. And she just loves it. So here is my confession: I don't do Jewell's hair on Wednesday. I mean, I pull it to the side. I don't use a brush, comb, or anything. It's just too much sensory stimulation for one day. OT and PT exhaust my little girl! And then after it's over, she watches TV. Yes, I said it, I let my daughter watch a non-educational program for fun. It hasn't damaged her brain in any way either! 

After PT today Jewell watched her regular program of Dora the Explorer. After I finished unloading the dishwasher I convinced her to play with rainbow rice. Since she did so well I introduced a new texture, Garbanzo Beans. She did so well with this transition too! I just dumped them in a container and she played and played with them. 

Jefferson had fun with the OT last week. 

Garbanzo Bean fun

The rice and bean fun was pretty short lived today. Jewell was on her typical 2 yo timeline. So we moved on to painting. I used some cheap paper plates. I found that they are thicker than paper and they don't bleed through as easily. Jewell had a blast. She even finger painted today :). She's making great progress.

First finger painting without screaming.

Jewell had a difficult time leaving the paints today. In fact, we had a few timeout sessions :(. But once I got her distracted we worked on dressing herself. That didn't go so well. I finally decided that she had done enough PT and sensory work today. So I changed her and got her ready for the store.

We went to the store and the kids were very good. I bought a ton of craft projects to work with Jewell during Jefferson's morning nap. By the end they were getting irritated though. I went to buy my supplies and I realized I didn't have my debit card. I left all my stuff in the cart, got the kids in the car, drove home to grab the debit card, went back to the store, got the kids out again, and went to buy my things. They weren't in the most grand mood by that point. Poor kids! Such is the life of being a Mommy!

Overall, we had a pretty good day. I'm really proud of Jewell. She's starting to let me push her more and more and I'm' so proud of her.

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  1. Yay for Jewell! And yay for a patient, loving Mommy!