Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday

I think this was one of the best Easter Sunday's I've ever had. It was so special seeing our kids get excited about it! But not only that, our worship service was amazing. I loved everything about this Easter.

Jewell loves picking out dresses at the store now. So I made a special trip with her to Costco to pick out her dress. She fell in love with this one. She wanted to wear it all week! When I put it on her she immediately said, "A princess dress" over and over again. She then wanted princess hair bows. It was so cute.

Family pictures are always exciting now that we have 2 kids. It's amazing just how many times you try to get a good one :). Jewell and I were able to get a Mother/Daughter picture this year in what she likes to call our Princess Dresses.

After our morning worship service we went to the Johnson's Home. They invited us over for Thanksgiving as well and our kids just love them now. I especially love it because they are both teachers :). We had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids in their beautiful backyard. The kids had a blast! And Jewell actually didn't mind the grass too much.

We had a wonderful Easter as a family. We went on a long drive to end the day together. It was a wonderful way to celebrate that Christ is Risen!

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  1. Looks like it was a beautiful day! Your pictures are so sweet...I love the ones with Jewell and Jefferson looking at each other. They are cute as can be! :)