Friday, April 6, 2012

14 Months...Really!?!?

My baby boy turned 14 months on the 1st--and I forgot! Seriously, I realized it on the 2nd! Can you tell this isn't my first child now? I would NEVER have forgotten if it was just the first kid. I can't even keep up with how many months Jewell is anymore. This could be scary, because I want a BIG family. Heehee. :)

Jefferson is doing fantastic! He was sick for a couple of days this week so that was a bit of a challenge, but I just love him. He adores his big sister, and follows her around pretty much all day. He teaches her to throw dirt and get messy outside. He's taught her to roll in the grass, and he's taught her to climb and be rough with pretty much everything! I love this stage. I love my messy faced kids! Here are the newest stats on Jeffers:
  • Eating: He plays with his vegetables. They never really make it into his mouth. He prefers dry foods over anything mushy or wet. So...eating has become a challenge. He also refuses and I mean REFUSES to let us put anything in his mouth.
  • Sleeping: He's back to his typical 12 hours and 2 naps. The naps range from 1.5 to 2 hours in length.
  • Weight: He's still 24 lbs :). He's just too active to get chubbier again!
  • Talking: He babbles now, and is really picking up on vocabulary. He's even repeating the names to numbers and shapes when we watch our Preschool Prep DVDs.
  • Reading: We have FINALLY made progress with this. He will let me read 1 book before he refuses and starts to eat it. YES!!! I love progress with reading.
  • Walking: Jefferson is so so so close to being an independent walker. He's just being extra cautious now. I don't mind. I'll let him take as long as he wants :).
  • Clothing: Well, we're sort of stuck in the 18 month clothes now. He can still wear 12 month pants too. I'm glad for the break in switching out clothes :). I'm not ready for him to wear 2T! But, I'm prepared just in case! I stocked up at Gymboree's clearance sale last winter.
  • Climbing: Jeffers is into everything!!!! He is now called Mr. Destructo by me after I catch up in the toilet, in cabinets, or under the bed taking everything out of storage!
We just love our little guy! He's a great little brother for Jewell too. I love how sensitive he is to correction, and how sweet he can be when he's sick. He still has his adorable chubby cheeks that I love to kiss. And you better believe I'm going to keep on kissing them as long as he lets me :).

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  1. It's okay, I have to think on the "how many months" thing now when people ask - I would say, he's just over one, and now I say hes about 1.5 years - just easier, especially for my mommy brain. But when they ask "how many months" I'm like, um, let me think what day is it?!