Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

This past Christmas was certainly a fun one! Jewell was old enough to understand what presents were :), Jefferson was "Baby Jesus" at church, and we were all together! We had a great day as a family celebrating His birth.

We opened stockings first thing after we read the Christmas story Sunday morning. But before we got to them, the kids thought it would be fun to race up the stairs. Oh, and they found the tree fully stocked with presents. So it took a bit of coaxing to move them to the stockings :).

Jewell loved her toy animals from her stocking.

Jefferson had fun finding his football that makes noises.

Our girly girl didn't want to give up her necklaces once she opened those :).

Jefferson played Baby Jesus in our church Christmas pageant. I will post a video soon. He did a great job playing Baby Jesus until Mary wouldn't let him climb out of the box. He sort of lost it after that! I even made him a bottle to calm him. But he wasn't pleased after a few minutes because he really wanted to play with the box!

Jewell had a blast in the nursery! I tried getting a good picture of her in one of her Christmas dresses, but she wasn't that into it.

After we got home from church we opened gifts. It was so much fun watching Jewell open her gifts. Her big gift was a bike. I guess I forgot to take pictures, just video. I'll try to get Matt to edit that so we can post it soon.

After we opened presents we fed the kids a quick lunch and put them down for naps. Matt and I enjoyed a nice and quiet Christmas meal together. That wasn't really in the plan, but the kids were so tired we had to put them down. It was a nice treat being with just Matt though :).

The next day Matt's Mom flew out to visit. She stayed with the kids so we could go on our 5 year anniversary trip. I'll be sure to do a post on that shortly! For now, Christmas is now posted and I'm off to bed! I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas together!

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