Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boys...Oh Boys...

It's amazing just how different boys and girls are at such a young age. I keep finding Jefferson in things or on top of things or even eating things that Jewell would NEVER consider doing or getting into. In fact, he's teaching her how to get into things now! She copies the silly boy! Here is a list of things I've noticed about my boy.

1. It doesn't matter how many baths you give him in 1 day...he will always manage to get himself dirty again.
2. If it's an object on the floor it is meant to be used somehow. Either for a chewing toy, climbing or something to help you walk.
3. When you take something away from him, it is the END OF HIS WORLD. Seriously.
4. He's VERY smart witted and tests the waters over and over again just to see if I've figured out his game.
5. The outdoors is the best present you could possibly give him (unless a box is involved, boxes trump all).
6. Climbing is just part of life. It's not something you learn, it's just natural.
7. When he is hungry, he's hungry! =)
8. Doors to the outdoors are meant to be opened, even if he's only 11 months old.
9. Boys are never bored. There is always something they can get into.
10. His favorite hobby is to "unchildproof" the house.

I can honestly say, this boy gives me a run for my money. I can't wait to see him protect his big sister one day!

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