Tuesday, January 18, 2011

37 Weeks

Yesterday was the official day I turned 37 weeks pregnant. Praise the Lord! This past weekend I had tons of painful contractions. Matt was planning to go out of town on Monday for a week long business trip to Orlando. Because he left Monday morning, I went to the doctor first thing. I had to make sure I wasn't going into labor. Come to find out, I'm already dilated to a 3. I'm about 70% effaced at a -2 station. The doctor said that because this is my second baby Matt should come home. She said some people hang out at 3 cm for quite a while, others move to 4 cm right away.

As soon as I left the doctor I called Matt and told him it was time to come home. Fortunately, he was in Atlanta. He was relieved to know that I had made progress and he shouldn't be away. He rented a car, and came home. I of course, was thrilled to see him!

So, we are now playing the waiting game. My contractions aren't nearly as tight, or as often, but I'm still having them. We have no idea when our baby boy will actually arrive, but I do know that I probably won't be making it to my due date. Hopefully, he will come very soon!

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