Monday, January 24, 2011

16 Months

I did it again! I realized today that I've been so busy with work, packing, new baby preparations, house hunting, and well-life, that I forgot to post about Jewell at 16 months! Unbelievable. Poor Jewell. I don't even have her little brother in my arms yet, and I'm already slacking.

Jewell turned 16 months on the 15th. I can't believe how fast she's grown. She's just over 20 lbs now. She's pretty much the average toddler, except for walking on her own. Although I am happy to report that she's very close to doing so!

Jewell is down to one nap a day that lasts about 2.5 hours, sometimes 3. She still sleeps at least 12 hours at night as well.

Our little Jewell is still working through ear infections. But we should soon see them less frequently. I will no longer need to take her to virus city (daycare) everyday once I quit work.

As for teeth. She has a whopping 3! The third one popped through this past weekend.

Jewell eating is starting to get better. In fact, she can now eat with spoon all by herself. She doesn't quite get the scooping part yet, but she does dip it enough to get food out if it's yogurt or applesauce. We are still working with the oatmeal in the mornings.

Jewell is definitely what her name describes her as...a jewel. I'm fairly certain she will be quite jealous of the next baby. I know it will be hard for her at first, but she will grow to be a great big sister.

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