Friday, January 14, 2011

15 Month Check-up and Milestones

On Tuesday, we dug our way out of the driveway with a garden shovel and headed to Jewell's well visit. She is now 20 lbs and 2 oz. She's has been getting over a virus so she lost a few ounces since her surgery, but we are pleased with her weight. The doctor said she looked very healthy, and he's glad she now has a new set of tubes that seem to be working properly.

This past Friday I had to pick Jewell up from daycare early due to a fever of 101. The girl was miserable. It was that evening that we realized she FINALLY learned something. Jewell can now roll over from her back to her tummy. In fact, she now prefers to sleep with her little butt way up in the air while she is on her tummy.

On Saturday, Jewell showed us that she has reached another milestone. She can now pull up all on her own. She can even walk around objects while holding on. This is huge for her, and I'm so pleased. Her OT and PT are very excited as well.

Since we've been stuck at home all week, Jewell has been finding new ways of entertaining herself. On Monday she discovered Daisy's crate that I've recently moved into the living room due to packing. Here are a few pictures of her entertaining herself inside Daisy's crate.

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  1. that's how Brendon sleeps too! it's hilarious :D