Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fun

I've been feeling a bit bad about not doing as many hands on activities with the kids recently. They have been learning to play better on their own though and to use their imaginations. But since that's what they have been doing ALL week, I decided it was time to have some fun with Mommy today :).

We played with shaving cream and food coloring today for sensory play. Jewell LOVED it. Jefferson wasn't quite as sure though. He did have fun, but he was very ready to get that stuff off of his hands! It was neat to see the differences in their ages/development.

Jewell had fun pressing the paper on the colored shaving cream.

We also attempted to do some experimenting with ice and salt. It didn't work. But the kids had a blast playing with the ice :).

Yes, I realize my kids aren't wearing anything. I think I may need to give Jewell something to wear now during our fun sensory play though... She's growing up too fast! Maybe I can find a fun apron that's easy to wipe clean.

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