Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Update

We've been sick. There really isn't a good way of saying that :). We caught a cold that seems to linger past the regular 7 to 10 day mark. Every time we think we are almost better, it hits us again. Of course, Jewell hasn't displayed one symptom. So I'm assuming all those sicknesses from daycare are paying off. However, it has made it difficult for her to understand why Jefferson and I don't want to go outside and play in the cold. Poor Jewell. So this last week we've spent quite a bit of time indoors. Of course, we should all enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving, we hope :).

Yesterday, I got the privilege of staying home with Jefferson from church since he was still sick. We enjoyed some Mommy and son time for a few hours before he went down for a much needed nap. After Daddy got home from church we decided to watch the Broncos game! I of course had to dress the kids up.

Matt: She's showing her tummy already! She's a little young... Haha.

Yesterday also marked my 25 weeks mark with this pregnancy. I'm starting to get anxious about finally reaching the 3rd trimester too. It just seems so far away. Things look good so far, but I really just wish I could stop eating Swiss Cake Rolls. I have my glucose test tomorrow so hopefully that will go well. I will be sure to take my nausea medication before I drink that stuff :).

25 weeks

Well, that pretty much sums it up :). We will just do our best to get better so we can  enjoy a nice Thanksgiving. We have many fun things planned to do with the kids this next weekend. I hope everyone has a great time with their families.  

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