Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Painting Pumpkins

We've been stuck at home this week due to Hands Foot and Mouth disease infecting our dear little children. I do not recommend catching this virus. It can make for very fussy toddlers. Poor kids! We have done quite a bit of walking in the neighborhood and projects at home to keep our germs to ourselves. Although I did find out that kids catch it from other kids before anyone shows symptoms, or through spit when they have the sores in their mouths. So sorry if we saw you at Harvest Festival!

Yesterday, we painted pumpkins and went a for Fall walk. As usual, the painting fun ended with a very needed bath :).

Very upset that I took the paint away :).

"Mommy! You can clean me in the bath now!"

The finished product.
Earlier in the day we found some leaves to play in on our walk. The kids had a blast! :)

Despite needing to stay home most of the week, the kids are having a pretty good time. Now to make their little mouths feel better. All fevers are gone now! Praise the Lord!

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  1. Hope your littles heal quickly! I've heard that illness is awful. I have yet to paint pumpkins with my boys. Need to get on that before all the pumpkins are gone :)