Friday, November 9, 2012

The Trains

I woke up today with a cold. I was sort of bummed because my kids have had to stay home most of the week since they had HFMD. So I drugged myself up as much as my little pregnant self could and took the kids the Barnes and Nobles to play with the Thomas Train set. The kids were ecstatic. Unfortunately, someone had stolen most of the Thomas trains that they have for the kids to play with there. So we had a total of 3 trains. Which came to be an issue when other kids came to play too. It made me want to buy them a train set for home. But I hear that if you do buy one, the kids don't really play with it that much.

It was actually sort of neat to see the differences in my kids personalities while at the bookstore today. Jewell was more into reading than playing with trains. Jefferson was more interested in climbing on the train table to play with the trains as much as possible. Jewell did like the trains, it just didn't keep her interest as much this time because she saw princess books.

"Once upon a time there were 2 princesses..."

Did you kids play with their trains sets after you got one for your home?


  1. We have had a train table for a little over three years now. When we first got it home, it was non-stop fun. Now--rarely used. I bet the boys build a track on it once or twice a week. They actually prefer to make tracks on the floor. Just my experience!

  2. I take the girls to B&N to play with the trains all the time! We don't have one at home, but I think it's more fun to get everyone out of the house once a week and play with the trains there. Also, sometimes it's a good excuse to grab a coffee for yourself and relax for a moment. ;) Lucy loves reading the princess books nearby too.