Monday, October 3, 2011

Wobblers at the Library

Now that Jefferson is sitting up (and moving) I feel comfortable taking both kids to Wobblers at the library. This is a story time for kids 12 months to 36 months. We start out by singing and repeating little kid rhymes together :). Then we move on to book reading, and we enjoy the many stuffed animals and puppets. Once it's over, the kids get a stamp on their hand which is a MUST for some kids.

Jewell just loves to sit and read at home. But at story time she dances and plays with all the rhymes including the group reading time. She cracks me up. She doesn't ever seem to sit still when other people are around. Today, the teacher told me she just loved watching Jefferson because he's so focused during story time. I'm not sure how he can stay so focused while Jewell is dancing in the middle of the rug!

After story time Jewell heads straight to the play area in the library. This is when I pick out our books for the week. I can see what she's doing, and she isn't trying to put a million books in my bag. Jewell typically skips the hand stamping and runs to the blocks. I took a few pictures today during the playtime. I did my best to keep other kids out of the pictures since I didn't know them. (By the way, she DID have leggings on, but she had a little accident during story time)

She posed like this all by herself. She just loved that these kids didn't move and they were reading a book. It was quite difficult getting her to leave them.

After story time, we rush home, eat lunch, and then it's NAP TIME! And boy am I ready for that. I am always swamped on Monday's :).

After nap time was over I let Jefferson play on the floor. He decided to try and climb the stairs. He wasn't successful, but I know it's only a matter of time. He then decided pulling up on the shoe rack and taking all of the shoes off the rack. Let's just say, it's a good thing I did all that I did during nap time because I got NOTHING done after he woke up.

What a fun day! I'm so glad we have story time at the library, and that Jefferson is starting to act like a big kid.

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