Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Big Kid Bath

I always give the kids a bath together. I typically put the baby tub in the bath and Jewell just uses the other side of the tub that I fill with water. This was going well until Jefferson figured out he could escape from the baby tub last week. So I decided it was time to introduce the big bath to Jeffers. I did this while Matt was home with us this weekend just in case it got a little too exciting for the two to play together :).

As you can see, Jefferson LOVED IT!

And this is when he decided to try and swim. Which he just giggled and giggled through during this grand attempt. He did pretty good, but then realized water goes in your mouth if you giggle and try to swim in the tub at the same time! It was adorable (please note that this was supervised at all times).

And this is when Jewell decided it was her turn to wash Jefferson.

"Hey Mom, I can try to escape out of this tub too!"

Overall, the bath was a huge success. The kids just LOVED playing together without the baby tub. And I must say, I'm so glad to be putting the baby tub AWAY!