Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Another Day

I've been doing my best to teach Jefferson to play in his crib when I'm working upstairs every few days. He's pretty much all over the place now, and it's a much safer place for him than crawling around the toilet, or even the stairs! He seems to really enjoy it. While I was putting his laundry away I gave him a baseball to play with in his crib. I looked over from putting the clothes in his closet and I found him like this. He hasn't done this much so I thought I'd take a few pics to remember it :). By the end of our little photo shoot he managed to get to his feet! He's never done that until today. My little man is growing up way too fast!

Jewell declared this has nap time!

We had Bible Study at church this morning for the women. I take the kids with me and they go to the nursery where they learn a Bible story and do some crafts. I'm pretty sure Jewell picked up on the story or the pictures today because she wrapped her head and baby around in blanket and was trying to tell me something about the Bible. I thought it was too sweet and had to capture the moment.

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