Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Ordinary Afternoon

Dear Matt,
We missed you tonight, but we are glad the Lord gave you another free lance job. I know you always enjoy using your computer talents with football :).

Good news: Jewell can finally take a nap at day care, on her tummy! Mrs. Chui said she sings herself to sleep. She is so cute.

After we left daycare today I took Jewell to the park. I took a few pictures on my phone. She enjoyed being pushed in the swing. We tried to play with the bigger equipment, but she isn't quite ready for that.

Once we got home we ate and enjoyed our nightly bath. It was the same as usual, lots of playing in the tub, and a devastating exit from the bath. Yes, she cried for quite a while after I took her out. Sorry for the cheap cell phone pictures...

Before bed Jewell only wanted to play with her new toy. I am so glad you insisted we buy this one for her :). It's definitely a new favorite. I know what you'll think when you see the picture, I should have used the Rebel and not my cell phone! ;)

You were missed tonight, but we know you love us. Thanks so much for working to help provide for our growing family.

Your two girls (and Little Bump)

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