Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Big 1

Today, Jewell had her first official birthday! We can't believe she's grown up so fast. It's hard to believe she's almost 20 lbs. A year ago, she was only 6 lbs and 13 oz.

Jewell has grown into such a toddler these last few months. She's basically out of the formula stage, and into whole milk. She still takes a bottle though! I'm not sure if she'll ever get into the sippy cup but we'll see.

Jewell can now say, "Mama, Dada, Daisy, and bounce." She tries to say other things, but it's more of a babble we can't understand. She is currently working on the word ball. And thinks that neigh (the horse sound) is laughing. It's adorable.

Jewell still takes 2, 2 hour naps, and enjoys her 12 hours of rest at night. I must say, I do enjoy a good sleeping baby. She's always so much happier when she gets her sleep.

Here is a picture of when we first brought her home, 1 year ago.

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