Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was a ton of fun for our family. I think I love kids even more each year :). Jewell LOVED the games they played at church with the kids in her class. They played telephone with phrases about Easter (Jesus died on the cross, He is risen). She made sure we played it during Easter dinner. It's so neat to see her truly learn this. 

Jefferson was very concerned yesterday when he saw his button down shirt and tie. He was convinced his neck was NOT going to fit in it. While helping him get dressed this morning he was quite nervous about it. But he sported it like a champ! Enjoy the pictures! 

Easter baskets

Jewell and Evan


Take 1...or 2... or 22

I love Jewell adoring him.


Pure adorableness

Mr. Serious and his first Easter

Gotta stick the tongue out

Our flowers are blooming

Mother/Daughter Picture 2014

"They bloomed!!!"

My girl adoring the flowers she helped plant and water.

Easter eggs!

Look at his dimple :)

Pure joy!

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