Friday, April 25, 2014

Evan At 6 Months

My sweet Evan is now 6 months old. Sometimes I look at him and I'm just so overwhelmed with emotion because he's still here in my arms. I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with another baby to love, cherish, and raise. So thankful.

Evan is an extremely sweet baby. He is sitting up now and loves every second of it. He plays well on his own (my very first baby to do this) during his wake times, but he also likes to sit with me which I enjoy immensely. I should probably buy him a jumper since our door one doesn't really work at this house in our main living area. He's been trying to jump all week in his musical walker that doesn't move :). He is also my first baby to love baths. He has never cried in a bath. I am still in shock.

Evan is sleeping quite well right now. He's a bit of an earlier riser than my other two at 6 months but no complaining here! He's really a good sleeper now. That is if you don't mess with his morning nap within a few minutes of his normal nap time. If I try to keep him up later than 8:45 AM it's over. I mean it's just OVER! We are doing are best though at keeping up with that. If he doesn't take a morning nap, he will take a longer afternoon nap most days so I'm thankful.

Solid foods seem to be going well. I just feed him when we eat meals. It works well that way since he was getting very upset he wasn't eating with us. He does NOT like any green veggies though. Especially green beans. Giving him green beans is like the worst thing ever to him actually. It's quite humorous.

Earlier this week I tried giving Evan a bit of peanut butter cake. His chin broke out in a rash soon after that. I took pictures for my doctor and he was a bit concerned. He was also concerned that the same thing happened after I fed him some berries. He told me to avoid those foods for now and later he will need allergy testing. This is my first baby to have an allergy concern. I am not worried about this at all really. If he has food allergies, we will deal with it when we need to.

Today's stats:
Height--26.5 inches
Weight--16 lbs 3.2 oz (30%)

Jefferson was 1/4 inch shorter, and weighed 19.1 lbs. Jewell was over 1 inch shorter and weighed 14 lbs 11 oz. It's neat to compare!

Evan can be picky at times, but I am so overwhelmed with God's grace to give me another healthy baby to love. He laughs with us all the time, he adores his older siblings, and he just brings us so much joy.

Evan at 6 months (ignore the red rash...he's a drooler!) 

Jewell, Jefferson, and Evan at 6 months

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