Thursday, November 21, 2013

Snow Fun and Evan Update

We finally have enough snow to play in this year! The kids were so excited to find it so thick when they woke up this morning. I promised them we'd play in it together when Jewell got home from school today. Boy did they have fun :). Jefferson has a bad cold, so he wasn't necessarily in the greatest mood at times in some of the following pictures!

Evan turned 4 weeks today! He's doing just fine. He's eating like a champ, and according to my scale he's a bit over 9 lbs! 

Evan at 4 weeks!

Not so happy...

Mommy! I need a nap!!!

Jewell had a ton of fun making snow angels outside. Once we came inside I put Jefferson straight to bed. Jewell and I enjoyed reading her new Scholastic books and drinking hot chocolate. She was so excited that she got to drink out of my snowman mug :).