Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On the Night Evan Was Born

I finally got around to looking at pictures of before Evan's birth and after his birth. Here they are!

Getting monitored since the heart rate kept dropping at the doctor.

They decided to keep me. I had no clue that I was in labor at this point.

Right after they broke my water. I'm updating Facebook so everyone knew I was for sure in labor! I was dilated to an 8. This pose did not last long as 2 minutes later the worst contractions of my life hit me. 45 minutes later, baby came!

Matt took a picture of the bad contraction.

Why hello Evan Joseph! All 7 lbs 2 oz of you :).

I had a super short cord, so I had to wait for them to cut it before holding him. I'm one happy Mommy at this point.

Adoring my sweet baby boy.

Big sister Jewell holding Evan.

Jefferson just adored him.

Grammy holding her grandson for the first time.

Daddy showing off his 3rd son!

This is one happy big brother!

Aunt Stephanie holding Evan.

Evan was by far my most alert baby. I truly believe it's because I didn't have an epidural.

These pictures are from the next day. Jewell left her glasses at home :(. I was up the entire night the night he was born in horrible pain. And the narcotics really messed me up. They made me super anxious and I was convinced I needed to watch to make sure Evan was breathing the entire night. So I don't look the greatest in the following pictures.

View of Denver from our room.

My kids loved the stethoscope attached to the bassinet. 

Uncle David and Evan.

Jefferson made sure Evan got his gifts.

First family photo!

Downtown Denver at night :)

No worries here. We fixed his car seat right away!

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  1. He is just beautiful and this photo diary is priceless! Congratulations to all of you!