Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When God Leads, We Follow

I still can’t believe I’m writing this post. I am still just amazed at how God has a plan for every aspect of our lives, way before we even realize it. I’m so glad God loves us so much.

When we first moved to Medford we had decided not to buy a house. We didn’t see the point in owning a house on 2 opposite coasts. But overtime we grew to like it here, and thought maybe the next step WAS to buy one. We started our search earlier this year. Well, I can’t begin to tell you all the different dilemmas that came up just to get ready to LOOK at houses. We would pray, and we just wouldn’t have peace. We kept trying to make it work, but it just wasn’t. When we went to sell the Jeep to get more money for our down payment (which neither of us wanted to do at all) we lost the title. We searched for over 4 hours for it. I don’t lose things like that. I had even set it aside so we didn’t lose it. It was then that we thought, “Hmm, maybe God really is trying to tell us something.” At the same time, I was getting emails from friends that I rarely get a chance to talk to telling us they had been burdened to pray for us, yet they weren’t sure why. We then began to pray that God would make it clear if we shouldn’t buy a house here. One day later, God started to make things clear. Three days later, Matt and I both separately felt like God wanted us to move from Medford to Denver.

Let me explain something, the city of Denver did not come on our minds because Matt’s Mom is moving there. It was completely from God! We both started praying very hard then. We asked God to make it extremely clear if he wanted us to move from Medford. Exactly one week later, I got a text from Matt saying, “God just answered our prayer.” At first we were so shocked we couldn’t believe it. So we kept praying and asking God to make it extremely clear. Every time we prayed that, God would answer it!!! It was crazy.

It was after multiple answers to prayer that Matt began working on his resume. Which I of course think is amazing. The weekend after finishing his resume he applied for a few jobs. He got a call on Monday. On MONDAY! That week, he had 3 interviews from the same company. He then went out to Denver where they drilled him with 6 back to back interviews in a matter of 3 hours. While all of this was happening, we started praying specifically for things. God answered them all! Okay, let me explain, we prayed for MONTHS for help with buying a house. MONTHS! God stopped that. But he opened every single door to move to Denver. And he answered them all quickly! It was amazing!!

To make a long story short, Matt accepted a software engineering position in Westminster, Colorado earlier today. We will be moving from Medford to Colorado in 3 weeks. I can’t begin to explain just how amazing our God is. I went from never wanting to leave Medford (I buried a son here, I have an amazing group of friends, etc.) to being at complete peace about moving. We asked God to provide health insurance right away for us, he did. I’ll be covered starting August 1st. I’m having a baby in a few months and I am at complete peace about moving??? Are you kidding me? I have the MOST AMAZING doctor ever. But when God leads, we follow. We have an amazing God. He works out all the details. I’m so glad we have HIM to guide us.

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  1. Great news to see how God continues to work in your live. Thanks for sharing