Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The BIG Ultrasound for #4

God is so good. He has blessed me with four children now :). Jewell and Jefferson are just happy as can be. Ezekiel is luckier than all of us since he's in Heaven. And this sweet new baby that still remains unnamed is doing so well. Again, I feel so blessed.

Today's ultrasound was a ton of fun. I went into it pretty anxious. But the entire way there I listened the CD my worship team leaders gave each of us with the new songs to learn. That really helped calm my nerves before going into the u/s. :) I was fortunate enough to have my husband and children go with me this time too. The baby currently weighs about 13 oz. I did forget to ask how long the babe was though :(. Oh well. All I really cared about what seeing the heart beating. I think that was the best thing of the entire u/s. All four chambers work just fine! Phew. And the heart rate was 152. We wanted to keep the gender a surprise, but we were sort of hoping to maybe guess just by looking at it. But, sweet baby didn't want to share what he/she was anyways :). Yay! Now we really can keep it a surprise.

After the u/s the sweet tech said she wanted the doctor to check everything due to my history. I have to go Maternal Fetal Medicine for all of my u/s. It's what my doctor requires for all of his patients. The specialist came in a few minutes later. She told me that everything looked perfect. She also told me that not having a cause for a still birth is the best answer to have. She said it pretty much gives you no risk of it happening again. I think that was the first time I was relieved since this pregnancy. :) She also said that she'd like to keep monitoring me. I'm supposed to go back again in 4 weeks for another u/s, and then I'll go back a few more times just to measure growth.

So far, I've gained 8 lbs this pregnancy. That's about 2 lbs more than last. I am okay with that. As long as I don't go over the 24 lbs I gained with Jewell and with Jefferson I'll be happy. I'm doing okay physically so far too. I just really wish I could sleep more than about an hour or two at a time. That would be so nice!

Overall, everything looks just fine! I'm thrilled. We are so blessed to be given then gift of another child. I just can't wait to meet this sweet one!

20 weeks

All of our ultrasounds so far.

This is just precious!!!

20 weeks. This shirt makes my belly look smaller since it's black.

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  1. So glad everything went well with the u/s! Such an answer to prayer!