Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Angel Turns 2

This past Thursday our little girl turned 2 years old. She is getting so big! This year has been full of changes in her little life. She learned to drink out of sippy cup, crawl, and walk! She also moved across the country. But the biggest change was probably welcoming her little brother into our family :). She's done just splendidly. We love how innocent and sweet she is when learning new things, or trying to communicate with us. Jewell has entered the typical "Terrible Twos", but those moments are always put in the back of our mind when we hear her say things like, "more please, thank you, daddy...w'are you?, love you, kiss!, baby...sleeping!, and AMEN, etc. No matter how "terrible" a moment may seem, there are always those moments that melt your heart.

Milestones: Jewell can walk! She started walking at 20 months. She can count to twelve and attempts to count to 20. She knows all of her letters and points out words. She has the basic shapes down now, and almost knows all of her colors :).

Sleeping: Jewell still takes a 3 hour nap and sleeps for 12 hours at night.

Favorite Activities: Reading, playing with the neighbor kids, nursery :), blowing bubbles, taking baths with Jefferson, coloring, walking her baby stroller around, playing with her kitchen, and loving her Daddy! What more could a Mom ask for! I'm so thankful for the Daddy/daughter relationship they have already.

This year we decided not to throw a big party. We think she'll enjoy one much better next year. We are definitely looking forward to it!

Her big present from us this year was a play kitchen. She hasn't stopped playing with it either! She just loves acting like she is cooking, especially when I cook dinner.

Here are some pictures of our little family party :). We gave her the kitchen after she woke up that morning. We just couldn't wait! You'll notice some of the letters are missing from the cake pictures. Jewell was much more interested in telling us the names of the letters on her cake and then eating them, than actually eating her cake! Love it!

We love you so much Jewell!

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