Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm a Big Kid Now!

What an exciting weekend we've had. Not only have the kids been extra cute, but Jewell overcame a huge obstacle! That's right, she can play on the playground equipment at the park!!!!!!! Yes, I'm more than thrilled about this. I usually try to take the kids to the park by myself while Matt is at work. But this weekend we all went together. Jewell usually requires a lot of help, so Matt worked with her a bit, while I played with Jeffers, and then we switched. Today, it all finally clicked! I think it helped that I wasn't holding Jefferson while helping her go up the steps.

We started out by my going down the slide WITH her. It was a bit of a big slide on that side of the equipment anyways. All of a sudden, she took off! She started climbing on her own! Then, she went down the slide by herself. By the end, I didn't even have to follow her around. It was funny though, she went to the slide by herself, and she went down the slide on her tummy. She always thinks that's safer because we taught her how to go down the stairs at home that way.

While Jewell was learning to play, Jefferson was enjoying a little photo shoot with Matt :). Who says you have to spend several hundred dollars on professional pictures? My husband can do it all! Love love love it!

What a fun weekend/adorable weekend of enjoying our children.

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