Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goodbye South Carolina

Saying goodbye to good friends and our family seemed to be the hardest part of leaving. Truth be told, we were kind of excited to leave the South :). It was our dream to go West, and we finally had the chance to follow that dream.

Before we finished packing Matt's good friend Jeremiah came to say goodbye and meet Jefferson.

Later, we said goodbye to our good friends and neighbors down the street, Matt, Katy, and Miles (and their dogs Piper and Peyton). I was only able to get a picture of the babes though :). They wore the same outfit in a different color! It was adorable.

The day we left was the hardest. We had to say goodbye to Matt's family. We held it together for the most part :). I think it's because we were so busy trying to get to the airport! We did get a family portrait, and Mom was able to get a few with the kids.

Mom then drove us to the airport, where we took off on the 21st century version of, The Oregon Trail. And boy was it an adventure :).

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