Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Colorado Springs

I'm working on catching up on the blog... so this is also from a month ago. Oh well. At least we have the memories on the blog now.

When we first arrived in Denver we didn't have any of our stuff. We were blessed to stay with some amazing friends. Matt took several pictures of their gardens while we visited, but I can only find one and it's of a lizard type of creature. I have to admit, I am not a fan of Picasa. Anyways, on day 2 of our stay with our friends who we now call Uncle Bernie and Aunt Kim we visited Colorado Springs. We took the kids to Focus on the Family and the Air Force Academy. They seemed to really enjoy both visits.

The lizard at Uncle Bernie's.

Jewell playing in Adventures in Odyssey.

Jewell showing off her money that Uncle Bernie gave her that morning :).

Jewell and Daddy recreating the Wod-fam-choc-sod picture 3 years after their first one.

I know I have more pictures of Jewell. I just can't find all the Air Force pictures. I even took a picture of Matt and the kids. Bummer. Hopefully I will find them soon. The kids really enjoyed going somewhere that they could actually go play at. I think they were afraid they'd be stuck in the car all day again :). Colorado Springs was gorgeous that day. We were able to enjoy a wonderful view of Pikes Peak while we we there as well. It was amazing.

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  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing your adventures!