Friday, August 23, 2013

30 Weeks and 6 days

Yes, I'm counting EVERY SINGLE day of the week at this point of the pregnancy. I only have 64 days left my friends. 64!!!! My education friends from BJU are probably laughing because the number 64 was a certain professors favorite number :). But hey, I'm really excited about it!!!

So here I am, 30.5 weeks. I turn 31 weeks on Sunday and I'm just thrilled. I have been pregnant for over a year now, with a 2 month break between Ezekiel and this one. I am extremely anxious for this baby to be born now :). I've gained 2 more pounds than I normally do at this point, which I guess isn't too bad. Although I'll probably be more careful for the rest of the pregnancy. :) I must say, this pregnancy as been the worst as far as pain goes. My lower back has really been hit hard for some reason. I also really struggled with bad ligament pain for about a week. And my veins are much worse as well. But it will be so worth it in the end. Have a mentioned that we still don't know what the gender is? I seriously can't wait for Matt to see it first! We have a girl name that I love so far, but I'm not 100% sure about the boy name. We will see!!!

I found a wonderful group of doctors to take care of me here in Colorado. They also have 5 midwives that work with them. This group always has one doctor and one midwife at the hospital. As of right now, I plan to deliver with a midwife. If I have a faster labor, I'd like to not have an epidural. I know...crazy to some, but seriously, those things make me SO sick. I don't even want to hold my baby after I deliver the sweet babe I'm that sick from those horrible drugs. We will see what happens. I know that I will only be able to do drug free if it's a faster labor though. I can't handle the pain for THAT long. Yes, I don't like pain. I mean really, it really really hurts people. I know this from delivering Ezekiel without an epidural and he was under 2 pounds.

So far, I've had one non-stress test done at this office. My 32 week check will have an ultrasound to monitor growth. I will then start getting more non-stress tests at my appointments from that point on. I still haven't been able to meet with a midwife at any of my appointments because they have been booked. I'm going to try and make a few appointments in advance next time I go in so I can get in with a midwife.

Lord willing, the rest of this pregnancy will FLY! I would love to deliver around 38 weeks. I realize that almost every woman says that....but um, I really have been pregnant for a really long time!!!!

Here is a picture from earlier in the week. We hiked in the Rocky Mountain National Park so I wanted my picture there :).

30 weeks and 4 days! 


  1. Praying for you. You look great.

  2. If you haven't labored and delivered on your knees (facing the back of the raised head of the bed), talk to your midwife about it. Some of my grandbabies have been delivered from this position, and their mothers say the difference is amazing. It gets things lined up well (think gravity), and reportedly makes the process go a little more quickly:)