Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Steps

It seem that life right now is full of baby steps. At least that's how it feels from day to day. I haven't had time to blog, or really even enjoy the sweet baby kicks from within. However, our family is making baby steps, and I can't wait to share all the joy that comes from them.

On a lighter note. Jewell has been making some baby steps as well. Most of you know that Jewell sees a Physical Therapist once a week at her daycare. Jewell is just a little laid back (okay...that's a major understatement) and has never really enjoyed lots of physical movement. A few weeks back she finally starting scooting, everywhere. Matt and I do our best to get her to move, but we've learned, it really is up to her. She's recently developed an interest in one of her walking toys. Only, she prefers that we move her legs. She would kind of move the right leg, but kept her left one completely still/stiff while "walking" with the toy. Well today, Jewell wanted to "walk" with her toy again. I must say, it's not my most favorite activity being 28 weeks pregnant (bending down and moving her legs gets quite tiring). But this afternoon I put her up against the walking toy and off she went. It was like all of a sudden she decided that moving was cool. I then decided to see if she'd do it without the walking toy and just held her hands while I stood. Low and behold, she continued to walk! She isn't ready to try it on her own, but I'm so thankful for the little steps she's now taking.

No pictures, I didn't have time to search for the camera.

We are so proud of you Jewell!

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