Saturday, August 21, 2010

On the Mend

This past week has been rough. Jewell has been sick since Sunday. She was also promoted to a new class at day care on Monday. I kept her out on Monday, and again on Thursday because of a virus she had. She is just now starting to get better. However, I am still giving her pain killer every 6 hours during the day or she won't eat. I think all the drainage is giving her a sore throat.

My husband Matt is amazing. He's been helping with Jewell all week, and that means some not so fun jobs for Daddy. He's also been working extremely late these last few weeks because his company is in charge of the "Are you Smarter than a Greenville County 5th Grader." I'm so honored to have him as my husband. He always makes his family a priority, even when he's being stretched to his limit.

Matt has been gone all day putting on the 5th grader show. Since Jewell is starting to feel better I decided to take some pictures of her so he didn't feel like he missed too much.

We played with our favorite bucket Daddy!

I smiled for Mommy too :)

Oh, you know how I NEVER really move on my own? I got inspired, I wanted to chew on the basket.

And then I gave up...

I decided to think about getting the basket of books again...

But I decided posing for a picture would be more fun.

I got bored again, so decided to pull the basket out from under the coffee table. I found Mommy's ads! Mommy was so happy I was exploring on my own for some reason.

More ads...

Even MORE ads...
This was so much fun Daddy!

Overall we had a great day. Jewell ate all her food except for her breakfast. Now we just need to get rid of that runny nose :).

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