Sunday, August 15, 2010

11 Months

It's been a while since I last blogged. I've had to go back to work this week, and adjust to taking Jewell to day care again during the day :(. I did okay, I was just exhausted! As was Jewell. She didn't nap at all this week at day care, and slept for 13 hours at night.

Today is Jewell's 11 month birthday. Unfortunately, she woke up with a fever, cough, and runny nose. She's pretty miserable. I gave her Tylenol and she laid on my chest for over an hour before I put her back to bed. Poor Jewell. I wish day care would treat her better in regards to sickness.

Jewell is definitely growing up on us now. She loves to clap! It's her new favorite thing. She can move from tummy to sitting now too! This was a huge accomplishment for her. In fact, those two things were discovered just this week. She still scoots to get around :) which makes us all laugh. Her favorite toy is probably our dog Daisy. Jewell does everything in her power to move towards her to pet her. Then she continues to laugh and laugh until Daisy moves away. It's adorable.

Jewell is still toothless! I don't mind too much. She was in enough pain with all of her ear infections last school year. However, it does make introducing table food challenging. We do mostly baby food still because she either gets tired of gumming things, or tries to swallow it whole. She'll get the hang of it eventually.

Our little girl will soon be turning into a toddler. It's amazing to see her grow. She's moving into the next class at day care this week. I can't believe she's out grown the infant room. Her infant room teacher Mrs. Ohler was so sweet to put Jewell in with the babies that are transferring to the room that still has a sleeping room. Hopefully this week help our little one nap better there.

I will do my best to post pictures of her later. Right now I need to help my little one feel better.

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