Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Festivities

I can't believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone. Boy did we have an eventful holiday weekend. I cooked the dinner for the ENTIRE family, 9 of us to be exact. I'm so thankful I was able to have so many helpers.

It all began on Wednesday morning. I took Jewell over to the in-laws house and basically cooked half of the meal. I actually enjoyed this day the most. All I had to do was cook. The baby was taken care of by our wonderful friend Bethany Smith. It was a nice break to just cook and not worry about when the baby would need me again. I did feed her, and missed playing with her dearly though. My parents came into town that evening and took Jewell home while Matt and I went to our church praise service. Of course, all I did was worry about my Jewell. I couldn't stand to hardly spend time with her that day and then have to give her up that evening. We rushed home to see her as soon as the service was over!

Thursday the girls prepped the turkey and put it in the oven for me. That was a nice blessing because I was exhausted from cooking the day before. We ate our dinner around 3. I must say, it was excellent. I'm so glad I researched new recipes for this year. Jewell slept through the entire meal! Now for the sad part. As soon as dinner was over we got a call from Barge (where Matt's Dad is being taken care of) saying that his blood pressure was dangerously low and his fever had spiked to 106. Fortunately my parents were able to clean up the dinner so we could all rush over to the hospital. We then knew that the dying process was truly beginning for Dad. It was sad for us all, but we rejoice in knowing that he won't have to suffer for much longer. We all stayed for a few hours and then headed home.

On Friday I went shopping. I did sleep in until about 7 since I had to feed Jewell. I only bought a few things at Kohl's this year. I felt bad for shopping with Dad being so sick. No one else was in a shopping mood either. Then that evening we went to purchase our Christmas tree. Thankfully my Dad helped Matt put it up, it was much quicker this way. I was sad though because Matt's Dad has always helped us do this. Instead, Matt went to see him in the hospital as soon as it was up.

Our weekend didn't go quite like we had planned, but it was still nice just to be with family. Of course, Jewell made everyone smile! I'm so glad my daughter is able to bring so much joy to us right now. She truly is a "Jewell."

Here the "sisters" are cooking!

My Dad enjoyed holding Jewell while we cooked.

The table is all decked out.

The turkey was perfect!

We are all ready to eat!

Jewell wasn't real into the whole tree hunting thing...

Jewell enjoyed helping all the family look through pictures of Matt's Dad :)

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  1. Amy- I am sorry to hear about your father-in- law. We will be thinking about yall.