Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jeffers Turns 1

Jefferson is 1! Actually, 1 year ago today was his due date :). But he turned 1 on the 1st. And had it not been for the sickness in our family for the past 9 days, I would have written this on his actual birthday!

I took Jefferson to the doctor today for his well baby check. Even though he's super sick with a cold. We postponed his vaccines because his doctor said he was wheezing from his cold and he had his first ear infection. Praise the Lord for a good doctor. :) Overall he had a GREAT check up. He's in the 75th percentile in all areas. Weighing 24 lbs at one year. I can't believe my boy more than tripled his birth weight!

Today at the doctor she noticed that Jefferson's little eye might not follow things properly. She thinks he might have a lazy eye. I actually noticed his eye looked a bit funny at breakfast 2 days ago, but that's the only time I ever really noticed anything. She said it could be the fold of his eyelid making it look that way, or it really could be a lazy eye. We have been referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist here in Medford just to be sure. She said it will take 2 to 3 months to get in, but not to worry because it should be easily fixed with a patch she believes. We'll see what happens :).

Jefferson's birthday was great. I made him a football cake because he always watched football on Sunday with his Daddy after his afternoon nap. It's really sweet to watch the two of them do their little guy thing. The cake turned out okay. It was really good. But I learned the peanut butter frosting is a bit tricky so the sides of the cake don't have a TON of frosting on them. Oh well. It was my very first completely homemade cake, I'm proud!

Jeffers man LOVED the cake. You can see from the pictures....

We bought Jefferson a cool construction walking toy. He LOVED it. So did Jewell :).

Jefferson had a great birthday. And he's had an amazing 1st year of life. He's developing right on track and is overall a very happy and adventurous little boy (except when he's sick...poor little boy). It was fun celebrating his 1st birthday with him as a family :).

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  1. Brendon's doc had the same concern when he was 9 month- 1 year old. Turned out to be the nose/eye/eyelid combo thing that you mentioned. Hope it's alright!