Saturday, July 30, 2011

22 Months...Better Late than NEVER!

About 15 days ago Jewell turned 22 months! I'm happy to say that I did not forget to blog about this. I just simply had NO TIME! I find that my life is crazier and crazier now with the 2 kids getting older. So while I've been away from blogging, I've been very busily playing and taking care of my two little ones. In fact, the only reason I have time to blog today, is because my dear little boy woke up early!

Our little girl is just 2 months away from turning 2. I can't believe it. She's a wonderful blessing to our family. She has taught me so many things I didn't realize I needed to work on in my life. Such as patience. Having a toddler (and a girl toddler for that matter) has really stretched me in the patience and grace department. But I love it, and she's really teaching me how to be a better, more loving, Mommy. I love my girl, even on the hard days of disciplining and crying. And I'm so proud of her.

Jewell is starting to run around the house. If I turn music on she prefers to run in circles actually. And of course you can't forget her giggles while running in circles! She has truly overcome her mobility struggles from the beginning :). Go Jewell!

Jewell is a fantastic big sister. She does her best to play ball with her little brother, read to him, tickle him, change him (yes, she really tries this), bathe him, etc. She adores him. I think it's so special. But I must say, my favorite thing she does with him is laugh. There are no longer tears in the backseat of the Jeep when we are going places, she prefers to start laughing randomly so he laughs with her. And if he does start to cry, she looks at him and says, "happy, happy, happy!" What a great encourager she is!

We have had a few issues with eating again, but she's really learning to try all the foods we give her. And her favorite snack of all time is crackers. Silly girl!

My girl is still doing great in the sleep department. She sleeps from 8 PM - 8 AM and takes 1, 3 hour nap. :)

The other day I came home from shopping and Matt was running around with Jewell in the sprinkler. I thought it appropriate to post these for her 22 month pictures this month. It was so cute, and Jewell LOVED playing in the water with Daddy :).

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  1. My adorable lil Jewell!! Next Aunt Steph will be teaching her to sleep in the empty tub if she's tired and her clothes are wet! :-)