Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Challenge

I had the wonderful privilege of taking the day off on Friday. At the last minute, I was able to switch some professional development points around to earn an exchange day off. Jewell and I had a blast going to the park together, playing, reading, and seeing Daddy at lunch. During her naps, I got all my weekend cleaning done before the weekend actually began. It felt so nice to be ahead for once.

On Saturday, Matt had the opportunity to work the ESPN 3 game in Charleston, SC. I decided that since my regular cleaning was done, it was time to attack the office. Yes, my dear husband is about to give up his office space and share it with his soon to be son (Little Bump). For the last 3 and a half years the office has basically been a dumping zone. All the bills, tools, computer stuff, camera equipment, and books have somehow managed their way into the little room. As you can probably guess, it truly looked like a dumping zone. So this weekend, I did a major overhaul. All of Little Bumps clothes have a place either hanging, or in rubber storage containers, Matt's cameras have their own little spot, tools are in toolboxes, bills are filed, crib is in place, and books are on shelves. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like now. It's not perfect, but it soon will be. I can't wait to put a few personal touches in it for Little Bump.

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